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Veteran Owned Business
Malarkey Certified Residential Contractor
Owens Corning Preferred Contractor

Who We Are

We are a Colorado Springs native and veteran-owned company with over 15 years of experience in Colorado Springs. We have worked on thousands of homes and businesses, and look forward to working on yours.

What makes us different from everyone else? Our goal is to ensure every customer gets the customer service, workmanship, and quality they deserve. Unfortunately, we have seen corners cut in all these aspects in our years in the construction industry. From other companies to the company we formally worked at. We find this extremely unprofessional, unacceptable and hold ourselves to a higher standard. Our solution to these problems was to create our own company where these principals are the at the core of our business, Liberty Construction.

Our team is comprised of experts at what we do, inclusive of all aspects of exterior construction. We're also great navigators of the insurance claim process. We have worked with countless people here in the Pikes Peak Region restore their property, from the harsh storms we endure. It is our goal to facilitate a smooth restoration process for you and your family.



The stress of dealing with a homeowners/commercial property insurance claim can be overwhelming for a property owner. If you have never dealt with an insurance claim, or just have the misfortune of dealing with one or more claims. We can help! We offer a Colorado native and veteran owned one stop shop. From material suppliers and specialty companies to using local banks for our financial needs, we go out of our way to use local resources as much possible. We offer pride in all of our projects, whether it is a free inspection or completing an upgrade, remodel or reconstruction. We believe having pride in everything we do, as this is our living and your livelihood. We are certain that you will be more than satisfied with our services.

-Liberty Construction Management Team


License & Insurance Information

Pikes Peak Regional Building Department License Information:
License Type: Building D-1 Exteriors, Roofing, Siding & Stucco
License Holder: David Wallace
License Number: 22164

Pueblo Regional Building Department
License Type: Building D-44, Roofing
License Holder: David Wallace
License Number: 0013801

General Liability Insurance Information:
Insurance Surety: Complete Coverage Insurance Agency
Phone Number: 719-448-9609