All Warranties offered by Liberty Construction start on the final payment for the project, and end after the period stated on the work authorization has passed. These warranties only cover the workmanship (labor) of the install. The manufacturer is responsible for manufacturer defects of their products.

What Liberty Construction’s Warranty covers:

• Issues that arises from a workmanship defect. (The installation of the product. For example, improperly installed shingles causing a leak.)
• If additional damage occurs from a workmanship defect.
• All Complete Re-roofs carry a (5) year workmanship warranty, unless stated otherwise.

• All Simonton replacement windows come with a (2) year workmanship warranty, unless stated otherwise.
• All non-roofing trade products carry a (1) year workmanship warranty, unless stated otherwise.

What Liberty Construction’s Warranty DOES NOT cover may include, but are not limited to: (these are commonly mistaken for what Liberty Construction’s warranty covers)

• Manufacturer defects.
• Issues from conditions exceeding the products limitations. (Excessive rains.)
• “Acts of God”, Hail, wind, lightning, Ice Damming, or any storm related damage (this is covered by property insurance).
• Anything not replaced/touched during the instillation process. (such as vents, sky-lights, windows, flashing, Etc.)
• Unintentional damage due to normal reconstruction. Every effort will be taken by Liberty Construction to mitigate any issues. The reason for this is because in most cases this damage occurs from prior poor workmanship not related to Liberty Construction. (Head/sidewall siding or stucco being damaged on a re-roof because it was installed without the proper spacing between the roof. Ceiling cracks due to the roof load during a re-roofing process, this most common on modular homes, they were not designed to support excess weight necessary for a re-roof. Etc.)

In the event of a warranty claim, it is the customer’s responsibility to report the issue to Liberty Construction, immediately. If the issue is deemed to be warranty related and has sustained additional damage due to the customers neglect to report the issue in a timely manner, Liberty Construction is not responsible for the additional damage.